Plant-Based Diet in 30 Minutes: 77 Easy Recipes for Busy People. Simple Steps to Create Your Meal Plan

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Are you a Busy Person who Thinks a Plant-Based Diet is too Time-Consuming, too Much Work and too Expensive?
Are you Aware of Nutrition and What Your Body Needs to Stay Healthy?
Do you Also Want to Know About Smart Tips and Easy Techniques that Simplify Cooking?

Your Customers Will Never Stop to Use This Amazing Cookbook!

Everyone knows that top sports people need the right sort of food to perform at the highest levels. Previously it was believed that meat played a vital role in building muscle and was essential for anyone to succeed in a sport at the highest levels. But that myth has been exploded and it is now accepted that you can follow a vegan diet and get all the nutrients they need.

Inside the pages of this book, PLANT BASED DIET IN 3O MINUTES, you have everything you need, offering you:

  • 60+ Totally Plant-Based Recipes
  • Basics about Plant-Based Diet and the Benefits ot Your Health
  • Plant-Based Diet Lifestyle
  • How to Create a Meal Plan
  • Meals for Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners
  • Plant-Based Italian Style Special Recipes
  • And lots more...

This Cookbook provides a new angle for vegan athletes to get the most from their training schedules, their lives, and their moral conscience.

Buy It NOW and let your Customers Get Addicted to this Amazing Book!


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