Plant Based Diet for Bodybuilding: The Definitive Guide to Build Muscle Mass through the Plant-Based Diet with 50+ Vegan and High-Protein Recipes with

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Are you looking for a balanced and natural diet to improve your training and boost your energy?Your Customers Will Never Stop To Use This Amazing Guide!

Whole foods are unprocessed foods that come from the earth. Now, we do eat some minimally processed food on a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet such as whole bread, whole wheat pasta, tofu, non-dairy milk, and some nuts and seed butter. All these are fine as long as they are minimally processed. So, here are the different categories:

  1. Whole grains Legumes (basically lentils and beans)
  2. Fruits and vegetables
  3. Seeds and nuts
  4. Herbs and spices

All the above-mentioned categories make up a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet. Where the fun comes in is in how you prepare them; how you season and cook them; and how you mix and match to give them great flavor and variety in your meals.

There are topics in this book dedicated to plant-based recipes which can give you an idea of what you can whip up really quick in your kitchen or those special meals you can prepare for the family. As long as you are eating foods like these on a regular basis, you can forget about carbs, protein and fat forever.

Now, some people might say, "well, I can't eat soy" or "I don't like tofu" and so on. Well, the beauty of a Plant-Based Diet is that if you don't like a certain food, like in this case, soy, then you don't have to consume it. It is not a necessary component in a whole food plant-based diet. You can have brown rice instead of oats, quinoa instead of wheat; I'm sure you catch the drift now. It doesn't really matter. Just find something that suits you.

A Plant-Based Diet plan is a complete change of lifestyle, which is why it does not follow any strict rule for its configuration. Simply put, you have to cut off animal-based foods entirely from your diet.

Listed below are a few factors of a Plant-Based Diet plan:

  1. Eliminate animal-based foods
  2. Consume plants like seeds, legumes, fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains abundantly
  3. Emphasize more on the whole, natural, or minimally processed foods
  4. Eat locally-sourced and organic food when possible
  5. Cut off refined foods, including white flour, processed oils, and added sugars

Excited to know more about the Plant-Based Diet? You will learn:

  • What does Plant-Based Bodybuilding Means
  • What Are the Main Sources of Protein and How to Eliminate Weight within a Plant-Based Diet
  • How to Improve Vitality and Energy
  • Muscles and Proteins within the Plant-Based Diet
  • What are all the Proteins in the Plant-Based Diet
  • Plant-Based Supplements. Are They Needed?
  • Cooking Methods
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Smoothies And Shakes
  • How To Calculate Protein RDA For Your Body
  • How To Calculate Your Protein Needs
  • Plant-Based Diets Myths
  • 10 Tips for Success on the Plant-Based Diet
  • And Much More!

Where most books provide little or no information about the Plant-Based Diet lifestyle, this book goes further. Just because you have decided to adopt a Plant-Based Diet lifestyle, it doesn't mean that it is a healthy diet. Plant-Based Diets have their fair share of junk and other unhealthy eats.

Buy It NOW And Let Your Customers Discover How To Balance This Extremely Effective Diet Right Now!


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