Plant-Based Buddha Bowls Cookbook for Beginners: 365-Day Easy, Gluten-Free, Oil-Free Recipes for Nutritionally Balanced, One- Bowl Vegan Meals

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Simple Plant-Based Bowls to Nourish Your Body and Soul.

Bold and satisfying in flavor, vibrantly colored, and super-rich in nutrients, Buddha bowls are easy-to-make one-dish meals. this Plant-Based Buddha Bowls Cookbook presents 365-Day tempting and utterly creative plant-based recipes for making them. These vegan Buddha bowls feature real, fresh ingredients, You will find various robust and filling dinners both for the weekday whirl and for relaxing weekend meals with family and friends. Beyond that, Plant-Based Buddha Bowls includes a variety of Morning Buddha Bowls for a power-packed start to the day; Whether you're a vegan or vegetarian-or an omnivore who enjoys a plant-based meal from time to time-you will love the taste and convenience of these Buddha bowls. Never has so much color and flavor made its way into one humble bowl.

In Plant-Based Buddha Bowls Cookbook for Beginners you will learn:

  • Practical recipes for beginners--Even if you have never cooked, you can easily make simple, delicious and healthy meals three times a day.
  • Nutritional info for every recipe-complete nutritional data can help you plan your meals and meet your daily dietary needs.
  • Accessible ingredients-Unlike many other Buddha Bowls Cookbooks, the vegan ingredients in these recipes are easy to source, affordable, and simple to prepare.

With its inspiring, yet practical approach, Plant-Based Buddha Bowls Cookbook's feeling good recipes will become a dog-eared staple in your kitchen for years to come!


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