The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss

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The next big diet to sweep the nation, The South Beach Diet not only promotes significant weight loss without exercise, and is accompanied by none of the hunger, headaches and other symptoms that accompany most diet plans, it also helps to improve cardiac health and reverse diabetesOriginally created by Miami's foremost cardiologist to prevent/reverse the heart and vascualr problems that result from obesity, The South Beach Diet's main thrust is to provide a balanced, heart-healthy plan that fundamentally changes people's tastes in a manner that virtually eliminates interest in sugar and processed foods. In the first phase, dieters are asked to heavily restrict their consumption of sugars and carbohydrates and reduce their caloric intake. During these first two weeks, the pounds come off quickly, which is a valuable psychological jumpstart to the diet. During phase two, where most of the wieght is lost, dieters blend carbohydrates back in to the plan. Phase three is maintenance. The result is that dieters can eat whatever they want, because what they actually want to eat has changed. In addtion, no exercise is needed for weight loss, and everyone who has been on the diet has enjoyed reduction in their wasitlines more than any other are of their bodies.


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